I am getting fault warnings in the CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage area of cPanel

Faults are caused when your account exceeds the system resource limits set for your account. Below are the default settings for each package:

Package Speed (CPU)* VMEM (MB)  PMEM (MB)  EP NPROC  IO (kBps) INODES
 Basic Hosting 25% Unlimited 128 20 100 1024 Unlimited
 Power Hosting 50% Unlimited 256 30 100 2048 Unlimited
 Extreme Hosting 75% Unlimited 512 40 100 3072 Unlimited
 Ultimate Hosting 100% Unlimited 1024 50 100 4096 Unlimited
*Speed (CPU) percentages are based on 8 CPUs (Dual QuadCore)

This can be caused by one of two reasons:

  1. Your account is under a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This too shall pass when they get bored and upgrading will not help because they will just max you out again.
  2. Your legitimate traffic accessing your account has become too busy for your hosting package. Upgrading resource limits has become a necessity in order to service your visitors.

When visitors access your web site during a fault condition, the connection is put into a WAIT state until your resource usage drops below the limits set for your account. This can cause your site to appear slow and non-responsive. These limits are in place to prevent all server resources from being exhausted by accounts under attack, slowing all accounts down or potentially crashing the servers.

There are two options available to you if you wish to increase your resource limit settings for your account.

  1. Upgrade your hosting package to the next available.
  2. Upgrade the individual resources as needed on your current package (recommended).

To determine which resource(s) is causing fault conditions, Click on "CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage" in the Metrics section of your cPanel. Clicking "View Details" will give you graphs as well as detailed resource usage information. Determine which resource is having an issue and follow the steps below to upgrade it for your current package:

  1. Login to your client area (if you are not logged in already while viewing this article),
  2. go to "My Services" under the Services menu option above,
  3. click the "View Package Details" button for the package you want to modify,
  4. click on the "Management Options" link,
  5. cliick "Upgrade/Downgrade Options".
  6. Modify the options you wish to change in your package.
  7. Click the "Click To Continue" button.
  8. Follow the payment instructions.

The dollar amounts displayed for each package option is based on the billing cycle of your package. For example, if your package billing cycle is annual, the option price displayed is annual. You will be prorated based on the remaining time on the current billing cycle of the package. Some options are not automatically provisioned and you will receive an email once the order is completed.

NOTE: Any resource settings larger than the default Ultimate Hosting package has to be requested via support ticket and is subject to approval.
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