Do you provide internet connectivity?

No. We do not provide internet connectivity. Because Cox owns all of the cable and CenturyLink owns all of the phone line infrastructure, anyone else providing internet connectivity are nothing more than resellers. This causes two problems:

  1. You will be paying 2 companies for your connection increasing your costs.
  2. If you need technical support, you must open a ticket with the reseller who will then open a ticket with Cox or CenturyLink. This causes a tremendous delay in the time your issue is resolved and the quality of support drops drastically.
In our belief, why not go straight to the source? You will get a better rate not paying a middle-man and you will receive better technical support.

Here is a list of viable options to explore to get you on the internet in the Phoenix area:

A word of caution. Due to the relay nature of satellite connectivity, it is not conducive to real-time online game play like PlayStation or xBox. There is a delay, however slight, when the signal goes from your home to the satellite, to the internet on the ground, back to the satellite and then to your home. This causes players to not synchronize well. Your little angel might be a bit upset when he/she joins a game and finds their character laying on the ground dead before they had a chance to do anything. But it is great for normal internet usage and the delay is not noticable.
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