What is LVE?

Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) is an internal component of CloudLinux that allows server administrators to set various resource limits at the kernel level. These are designed to prevent the entire server user community from suffering if/when accounts come under attack. Your current resource usage is visible in your cPanel in the Metrics section by clicking the "CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage" icon. Our hosting packages have default resource limit settings as follows:

Package Speed (CPU) VMEM (MB)  PMEM (MB)  EP NPROC  IO (kBps) INODES
 Basic Hosting 25% Unlimited 128 20 100 1024 Unlimited
 Power Hosting 50% Unlimited 256 30 100 2048 Unlimited
 Extreme Hosting 75% Unlimited 512 40 100 3072 Unlimited
 Ultimate Hosting 100% Unlimited 1024 50 100 4096 Unlimited

Speed (CPU): Total percentage of 8 CPUs in the system (Dual QuadCore)
VMEM (MB): Virtual Memory
PMEM (MB): Physical Memory
EP: Entry Processes (Parents)
NPROC: Total Processes (Parents & Children)
IO (kBps): Total Input/Output
INODES: An inode is a data structure on a file system used to keep information about a file or a folder. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders an account has.
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