Cloud Hosting or VPS Package Configurable Options

For those who wish to increase specific resources or activate additional features without incurring the total cost of upgrading to the next package level, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to your client area (if you are not logged in already while viewing this article),
  2. go to "My Services" under the Services menu option above,
  3. click the "View Package Details" button for the package you want to modify,
  4. click on the "Management Options" link,
  5. cliick "Upgrade/Downgrade Options".
  6. Modify the options you wish to change in your package like disk space, bandwidth, add IP addresses, etc.
  7. Click the "Click To Continue" button.
  8. Follow the payment instructions.

The dollar amounts displayed for each package option is based on the billing cycle of your package. For example, if your package billing cycle is annual, the option price displayed is annual. You will be prorated based on the remaining time on the current billing cycle of the package. Some options are not automatically provisioned and you will receive an email once the order is completed.
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