What happens if I get banned?

  • What happens if I get banned
    • The most common reason for getting banned is repeated login failures.
    • The fastest way to get banned is by port scanning. It is not tolerated under ANY circumstances.
    • All bans are set temporarily and last two (2) hours. Five (5) temporary bans in three (3) days becomes a permanent ban.
    • Clients will have to call us to have a ban removed or send email to support from an external mail account (ie. gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) containing the IP address banned and the account billing email address for verification.
    • Bans are automatically set in our firewalls and will prevent you from accessing anything on our network including our web site and mail servers.
    • If you have a shared dedicated gateway IP address for your office(s), login to your client area and submit a ticket requesting the address(s) to be whitelisted. Requests submitted will be ignored if:
      • Submitted by anyone not logged in (guests)
      • Submitted by a registered client without at least one (1) active product package
      • If the requested IP address(s) are dynamic
    • Our firewalls also use these 3rd party blocklists. Any IP addresses on these lists will be prevented from accessing our network and will not be whitelisted under ANY circumstance:
    • Our firewall logs are automatically submitted daily to DShield Internet Storm Center for analysis and possible action.
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